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Main Menu


Marinated Greek Olives (v) £3.50 Garlic Pizza Bread / With Mozzarella £3.45 / £4.25

Home Made Flat Breads with Houmous, Tzatziki, Taramasalata & Sweet Chilli Dips £4.95/ Sharing Platter £13.95     Dough Balls (v) £3.45

Rustic Tomato & Olive Breads, Extra Virgin Olive Oil & Balsamic Vinegar £3.75


Soup du Jour (v)  Soup of the day served with fresh homemade bread £4.75     

Bruschetta (v)  Mix of tomato, red onion, pesto & garlic on ciabatta bread £4.25

Calamari Fritti  Deep dried calamari served with aioli & lemon £5.95     Halloumi  Charcoal grilled goats cheese £5.50

Dolmeh (v) Hand rolled vines leaves stuffed with rice & herbs £4.95      

Pastourma  Charcoal grilled Greek spicy beef sausage, a very tasty Mediterranean delicacy £4.95

Spanakopita  Traditional greek dish, deep fried with spinach and feta cheese, wrapped in filo pastry £5.95 

Mussels Fresh Mussels prepared with fresh garlic, parsley, cream and white wine £5.95   

Fungi Mangiamo (v)  Oven baked mushroom stuffed with ricotta cheese, spinach & garlic £4.95     

Scallops Pan Fried Scallops & Prawns in white wine, garlic & cream sauce, served on ciabatta bread £6.45

Proscuitto & Melon  Cured Italian ham with fresh melon, finished with a balsamic glaze  £5.65


Spaghetti Bolognese  Traditional Meat Sauce £10.95     

Spaghetti Carbonara  Pancetta bacon in a traditional carbonara sauce with crispy prosciutto ham £11.95     

Penne Pollo Picante  Chicken, roasted peppers, chillies & mushrooms in a garlic tomato sauce £11.95

Penne All’Arabiata (v)  Roasted tomato & chilli sauce with garlic & Cheese £9.95     

Tortolini (v)  Filled with ricotta cheese, pesto and spinach with a creamy parmesan sauce £10.95

Lasagne Al Forno  Oven baked homemade lasagne, layered in Bolognese sauce topped with béchamel sauce & mozzarella £10.95    

Risotto Verdura (v)  Italian rice dish slow cooked with fresh peppers, courgette, spring onions in a white wine, parmesan & cream sauce £10.95  

Shrimp & Chilli Risotto  Italian rice slow cooked with peeled shrimps, chillies, garlic in tomato sauce £11.95



Lamb Cutlets  Marinated lamb cutlets, charcoal grilled to perfection. Served with rice or chipped potatoes £13.95

Sirloin Steak (8oz)  Chargrilled & served with confit, rocket, fries & garlic butter, béarnaise or dolcelatte sauce £15.95

Chicken Shishlik  Marinated chicken breast, charcoal grilled with mushrooms, peppers, onions & served with rice £13.95

Oven Baked Seabass  Whole oven baked seabass marinated in lemon, garlic, white wine & olive oil, served with pasta and sald garnish £15.95

Chelo-Kebab  Traditional persian skewers of minced lamb served with rice £13.95

Surf & Turf Charcoal grilled tiger prawns marinated in olive oil & marinated chicken breast, mushrooms, peppers & onion, served with rice £13.95

Halloumi Kebab (v)  Halloumi, red onion, courgette, red & yellow peppers, house salad,

 tzatziki, tomato salsa & chipped potatoes with preserved lemon dressing £12.95

Moussaka (v)  Layers of aubergines, potatoes, beef tomatoes, mozzarella & tomato sauce £10.95

Meaty Moussaka  Layers of minced lamb, aubergine, potatoes, beef tomatoes, mozzarella & tomato sauce £11.95

Kleftico  Traditional Greek lamb shank deliciously cooked for several hours in a clay oven. Served with rice £15.95


See our blackboards for todays fish special dishes


All pizzas are served as a Classico 12” Neapolitan style or Piccolo 10” pizza with Mixed Leaf Salad 

Margherita (v)  Tomato & oregano, topped with mozzarella & basil £8.95     

Tropicana  Ham, pineapple, mozzarella & tomato £10.95     Napolitana  Anchoviews, capers, olices, mozzarella & tomato £10.95     

Primavera (v)  Mushroom, baby spinach, garlic, pesto, mozzarella & tomato £10.95   

Quattro Stagioni  Ham, pepperoni, mushrooms, red onions, mozzarella & tomato £11.95

Sofia  Chicken, bacon, mushrooms, mozzarella & tomato £11.95     Regina  Ham & mushroom with mozzarella & tomato £10.95     

Mexican Hot  Spicy beef, jalapenos, green chillies, tomato & mozzarella £10.95    

Meaty Calzone  Rolled Pizza with pepperoni, chicken, spicy beef with mozzarella & tomato £11.95     

Stuffed Vegetable Calzone  Rolled Pizza with roasted aubergines, mushrooms, courgettes, garlic & red onion with mozzarella & tomato £10.95

Extra Toppings

Pepperoni, spicy beef, chicken & ham £1.50

All others £1


Fries £2.95     Persian Rice £3.95     

House Salad £3.95     Greek Salad £4.95/9.95     Tomato & Mozzarella Salad £5.50